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The DK Eyewitness Argentina travel guide will lead you straight to the best attractions the country has to offer. Whether you're salsa dancing in Buenos Aires or seal spotting in Punta Norte, this guide provides all the insider tips every visitor needs, with comprehensive listings of the best hotels, restaurants, shops and nightlife for all budgets. It's fully illustrated and covers all the major areas from The Pampas and Patagonia to Cuyo and the Wine Country. You'll find 3D cutaways and floorplans of all the must-see sites - including Plaza de Mayo, Teatro Colo'n and Santa Catalina - as well as street maps and reliable information about getting around. DK Eyewitness Argentina explores the culture, history and architecture, not missing the best in entertainment, shopping, tours and scenic walks, in this unique country. With all the sights and attractions listed area by area, DK Eyewitness Argentina is your essential companion.
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