New Bar and Club Design (ISBN: 9781856696364)

New Bar and Club Design (ISBN: 9781856696364)
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New Bar and Club Design showcases 47 of the most glamorous venues around the world. The featured nightspots are grouped according to type: bars, restaurant bars, hotel bars and clubs. The book features a wide variety of bars to suit every taste, from space-age retro at Universum in Berlin to vintage Moroccan at Andy Wahloo in Paris, while clubs range from the hight-tech superclub Cacoon in Frankfurt to the bijou padded boi^te Cielo in New York. New Bar and Club Design will inspire interior designers and scenesters alike – in fact anyone fascinated by the endlessly inventive world of interiors devoted to hedonism.

Bethan Ryder is a London-based lifestyle journalist specializing in travel and design, and is currently news and travel editor of 'Livingetc' magazine. She has contributed to numerous newspapers and magazines and is the author of 'Bar and Club Design' (2002) and 'New Restaurant Design' (2007)
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