Sixties Design (ISBN: 9783836504751)

Sixties Design (ISBN: 9783836504751)
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Ключови думиАрхитектура, Чуждоезична, Изкуства, Вътрешно обзавеждане

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TASCHEN 25 - Special edition!

New materials for new shapes

For lovers of pop art, Twiggy, the Beatles and everything retro, this book is mecca... Enough to turn the most stringent modernist into a hippy, this is the ultimate guide to the sixties. " - Homes & Living, Sydney

Sixties Design provides a richly illustrated survey of a remarkable decade. The text reviews the period through certain all-important themes—the Modernist continuum, pop culture, space age styles, utopian ambitions and ‘anti-design, identifying the impact of new thinking on every area of design. Embracing a wide variety of media, and making connections between domestic and industrial design, graphics, film, fashion, architecture and city planning, the illustrations highlight the best design examples of the decade.

About the author:
Philippe Garner is a Director of Christie's and is their International Head of Photographs and of 20th Century Decorative Art & Design. He is widely recognised as an authority within these fields and has written numerous essays and books on specific aspects of the history of photography and the applied arts. His books include studies of the life and work of Emile Galle and photographers Cecil Beaton and John Cowan, as well as thematic investigations such as his Sixties Design for TASCHEN. He has also curated museum exhibitions in London, Paris and Tokyo.
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