Smart Marathon Training: Run Your Best without Running Yourself Ragged (2011)

Smart Marathon Training: Run Your Best without Running Yourself Ragged (2011)
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Състояние: отлично
Издателство: Velopress
Град на издаване: Boulder, Colorado, USA
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Височина: 230 мм
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Through a sensible, minimalist approach, "Smart Marathon Training" puts runners at the start line of a marathon or half-marathon feeling strong, healthy and prepared for their best race. Other marathon training plans ask runners to crank out 70-100 miles a week. It's no wonder they're running ragged by race day. With "Smart Marathon Training", you'll train smarter, running half the mileage of old-school training plans so you reach the start line feeling fresh and prepared for your best marathon. You'll train for marathon in a lot less time and avoid the injuries that come from running too much. "Smart Marathon Training" maps out a healthier, more economical approach to training, emphasising quality over quantity. Rather than wasting time and energy on junk miles, this dynamic programme pares down training to three essential runs per week, mixing in core work, strength training, and cycling. Smarter running combined with a solid strength and cross-training programme limit the risks of over training and burnout, all while building strength, power, and resistance to injury. With more than 80 detailed exercises, plus six easy-to-follow sample training plans for half and full marathons, "Smart Marathon Training" will get you to the start line feeling refreshed and ready to run your best race yet.

Author Information
Jeff Horowitz is a certified running, cycling, and triathlon coach and personal trainer and has run over 150 marathons across the U. S. , Africa, Asia, Europe, and Antarctica. Formerly an attorney, he quit law in 2008 to pursue his passion for endurance sport and now works with the DC Tri, The Nations Triathlon, and the non-profit summer camp ACHIEVEKids Tri as well as Strides for Hope, a charity fund-raising training group that benefits The Wellness Community.

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