Ключови думи Архитектура, Чуждоезична
Брой страници 272
Тегло 1660

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Brilliantly illustrated by Michael Freeman’s photography and commentary, this stunning book is the first thorough view of the design revolution under way in the Orient.

See how imaginative architects and designers are re-interpreting time-honoured styles in new and exciting forms – from the breathtaking city-scapes of Beijing and Shanghai to the intricacy of design motifs – to convey the flavour of 21st-century Asia.

Includes work by a raft of innovative young Asian designers and architects, including Zhang Xin and her award-winning Commune by the Great Wall. Westerners will have much to learn from the clearly explained Oriental conceptual approaches to space.

A unique source of information and inspiration for all those concerned with the art of stylish modern living.
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