1000 Masterpieces of European Paintings (ISBN: 9783848002153)

Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Изкуства

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Pathfinders, outsiders, revivers and traditionalists - this comprehensive illustrated guide presents the most important personalities of European art in alphabetical order. More than 1,000 pictures serve as an invitation to discover the major works of Western painting traditions of the 13th to 19th centuries. The artists’ biographies, their most important works, and their relevance to the development of European painting are presented in compact texts. This allows the reader to quickly obtain an overview of the history of painting. In addition, 20 insets discuss all-encompassing topics. Contributions covering painting techniques, the history of fine-arts trading as well as art theory and classic image analysis provide this history of painting with depth. 1000 Masterpieces of European Painting is complemented by a comprehensive art history glossary.

High-quality reproductions of more than 1,000 masterpieces
Life and work of the most important artists of European painting
Detailed captions for all depicted works
20 thematic insets for an overall understanding of European painting
Comprehensive art history glossary
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