Beginning SQL Server 2008 Administration (2011)

Beginning SQL Server 2008 Administration (2011)
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Състояние: много добро
Издателство: aPress
Град на издаване: Lexington, KY, USA
Налични бройки: 1
Ширина: 200 мм
Височина: 240 мм
Дебелина: 26 мм
Корици: меки
Ключови думи: Beginning SQL Server 2008 Administration, R. Walters, Grant Fritchey, Carmen Taglienti

Beginning SQL Server 2008 Administration is essential for anyone wishing to learn about implementing and managing SQL Server 2008 database.
From college students, to experienced database administrators from other platforms, to those already familiar with SQL Server and wanting to fill in some gaps of knowledge, this book will bring all readers up to speed on the enterprise platform Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
* Clearly describes relational database concepts
* Explains the SQL Server database engine and supporting tools
* Shows various database maintenance scenarios What you'll learn
* To understand core concepts of relational databases
* How to install SQL Server in your environment
* How to use the tools that come with SQL Server to perform daily administrative tasks
* How to design and implement a database maintenance plan in SQL Server
* Configuring database security and protect your sensitive data from intruders
* How to meet regulatory and government compliance requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations Who this book is for This book is primarily for those who are aspiring to become SQL Server 2008 database administrators.

Reading this book gives you a great foundation of knowledge upon which to build a future career in database administration. You might be new to SQL Server 2008, or you might have experience with competing products such as Oracle.
Either way, this book gets you up to speed quickly in managing SQL Server 2008, helping you transfer your existing knowledge into the SQL Server 2008 environment. Table of Contents
* The Database Administration Profession
* Planning and Installing SQL Server 2008
* What's in the Toolbox?
* Creating Tables and Other Objects
* Transact-SQL
* SQL Server Internals
* Storage Management Strategies
* Database Backup Strategies
* Database Restore Strategies
* Common Database Maintenance Tasks
* Automation Through SQLCMD and PowerShell
* Database Maintenance Plans
* Performance Tuning and Optimization
* SQL Server Security
* Auditing, Encryption, and Compliance
* SQL Server in the Enterprise
* Where to Go Next?
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