Best- Kept Secrets of Paris (2012)

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Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Хоби, Литература
Брой страници192

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Known adoringly as the City of Light, Paris attracts visitors from all over the world. They come to marvel at her beaurty, and it is this that is captured in the pages of this lavishly photographed new book. Covering all the most improtant sights and arrondissenments of this remarkable metropolis, Best-Kept Secrets of Paris is a beautiful visual document of the infinitely varied face of the city. Ranging from the grand Hausmann-era Champs-Elyees and Arc de Triomphone, to the delightful staircases of Montmartre, from the Gothic splendour of Notr Dame to the ulstra-modern Grande Arche de la Defense, this gorgeous book covers a wealth of Parisian highlights, including the Louvre (and many other museums), beautiful churches, charming sidewalk cafes and exquisitely laid out parks and gardens.
As well as Paris's iconic sights this book also shows us her quieter hidden corners. The Village Saint-Paul or the Square Georges-Cain, both in the Marais, or the Corur Damoye in the Bastille, are tranquil, picturesque, almost forgotten havens in the heart of the sprawling city and to visit them can feel like stepping back in time. These hidden gems and more are all to be savoured betwen the pages of this beautiful book.
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