Bordello + 4 CD's (ISBN: 9783937406626)

Bordello + 4 CD's (ISBN: 9783937406626)
Bordello is pure seduction. The images presented by internationally renowned photographer Vee Speers are inspired by the 1920s – an era of extravagant lifestyle and sexual decadence. Shot in French bordellos, perfectly orchestrated and artistically adapted, the photographs take the viewer into the world of temptation – erotic, lascivious, and nostalgically arranged. Music CDs: French chansons, e. g. by Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Yves Montand, Lucienne Boyer, Damia and Frehel musically emphasise this electrifying world of images.

"She shows beauty where beauty can be terribly absent. " Karl Lagerfeld
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