China: Secrets of the Dragon (2007)

China: Secrets of the Dragon (2007)
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Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Хоби
Брой страници160

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The Chinese dragon—long a symbol of good luck and supernatural power—remains
to this day an emblem of culture and civilization. The dragons origins are as legendary as the earliest days of the nation's history, nearly five thousand years in the past by some estimates. Over the millennia, the dragon has come to be associated with imperial and supernatural qualities. It can shrink itself into the size of a silkworm, or expand to the limits of the universe. It can swim and fly, transform itself into clouds, or disappear altogether. As one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon informs calendars and horoscopes alike. Dragon boat races and dragon dances are central features of Chinese New Year celebrations throughout the world. In what ways does the China of today, the China of sweeping economic and cultural changes, reflect the attributes of the Chinese dragon? Steep yourself in the vibrant images of ancient and modern China collected in this book, and you may well find an answer to this intriguing puzzle.
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