Chris Rea: (Blue Guitars) + 11 Brand New CDs, 1 DVD (2006)

* 11 Brand New CDs - 137 New Songs
* Paintings, Photographs & Interview
* 1 DVD

Paintings are by Chris Rea.

"Blue Guitars is something i have loved to create, and has been eighteen months, seven days a week, twelve hours a day in the making and i have enjoyed every single second of it. The research, the recording, the writing has inspired me and i hope the enjoyment and fun i have had come across.
Although i have been inspired by the blues, this is not a series of albums that is meant to educate. This is a collection of songs that, even if you have never even thought of the blues as being close to your heart, you can still enjoy because the roots of Motown right through to metal have their roots somewhere in the blues. I hope you enjoy it. "

Chris Rea
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