Civilizations of the Ancient World (2009)

Civilizations of the Ancient World (2009)
Ключови думиЧуждоезична, История

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A unique approach to exploring the cultures of the key civilizations of ancient times.

A visual guide to the history of the great civilizations of the ancient world, exploring all the key aspects of their cultures and daily lives.
Beautiful reproductions of classic engravings in full colour and monotone bring the major civilizations to life
An expert narrative describes and compares each culture’s approach to important themes such as government and society, religion and architecture, food and games
Detailed maps and timelines help the reader to place each civilization in the context of its neighbours, allies and enemies

By combining historic engravings with a modern commentary that is at once authoritative and accessible, it creates both a celebration of ancient cultures and an invaluable reference for all students of early history.

The main section of the book focuses on Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome, offering a detailed exposition of each in turn through a thematic approach to key aspects of these ancient cultures. Government, society, warfare, religion, work, technology, trade, leisure, architecture, food, costume and daily life are all unveiled in vivid detail through carefully designed compositions of both coloured and monotone engravings.

A supplementary section features timelines, maps and overviews of the other key civilizations that were flourishing throughout the world at the same time. The result is a close-up view of the four great civilizations that hold a particular fascination for modern readers, alongside a broader, contextual panorama of the global cultures that shaped the ancient world.

Dominic Rathbone is Professor of Ancient History in the Department of Classics at King’s College London.
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