Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict (ISBN: 9781408800997)

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict (ISBN: 9781408800997)
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Jane Austen meets Clueless meets The Time Traveller’s Wife meets Back to the Future in this truly original comedy of manners.

I’m sure wherever the real Jane is, she’s just as eager to get back to her own life as I am to mine. So why not just relax in the meantime, experience the sensation of living in another body and another time, Jane Austen’s time, no less, and have faith that real life will return soon enough. At least in this world someone else does the shopping and cleaning up.

Sassy, smart and suddenly single Courtney Stone is a typical, modern LA girl. That is, until she wakes up one morning in Regency England in the body of Jane Mansfield. At first she thinks she must be dreaming – maybe she’s read all of Jane Austen’s books a few too many times – but as time goes on she finds there is a lot she needs to get to grips with: a new accent, a new body, a wicked new ‘mother’, and most excitingly, a new man in her life: the dashing, dishy Charles Edgeworth.

But is he a Darcy, a Wickham, or merely a confusing distraction? As Courtney trips through the social minefield of life in Jane Austen's England she wonders: Will she ever get her twenty-first century, west-coast life back – and does she even want to?
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