Designs for Small (ISBN: 9781856696616)

Designs for Small (ISBN: 9781856696616)
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Urban living is becoming increasingly crowded. Small space living is no longer a lifestyle choice but a necessity in most cosmopolitan cities around the world where property is expensive and at a premium. Renting or owning of apartments is now a reality for many people. Designs for Small Spaces brings together over 500 cleverly designed products that provide stylish and functional ways to make the most of a living environment with limited footprint.

The primary function of the book is to aid the consumer to source suitable objects for his/her home and each product selected will be in production or available to order directly from the designer as a custom-made item. Full contact details will be given of both designer and manufacturer and detailed measurements given.

A brief introduction will discuss how interior design and spatial planning are key when every metre counts, how various strategies in decoration and furnishing can be adopted to make a space look and feel larger, and will also offer advice for living in small spaces including top tips to maximize space efficiency. The main body of the book will be divided into six chapters dealing with Structural, Compact, Flexible, Illusory, Multifunctional and Organizational products.
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