Dramatised Narration (2007)

Dramatised Narration (2007)
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Dramatised Narration: The Development of Joyce's Narrative Technique from Stephen Hero to Ulysses traces James Joyce's evolution towards a highly experimental 'technique of indirection' and his departure from the nineteenth-century tradition. Using Bakhtin's theory of novelistic discourse, the book analyses the gradual emergence of Joyce's method of dramatising narration beyond character and the creation of 'character zones' of various other structural elements of the novel. The study concludes that Ulysses pushes the limits of the genre to their extremes yet does not destroy the novel form.

Kalina Filipova was educated in Bulgaria and USA. She obtained her M. A. and Ph. D. degrees at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, and specialised in the UK and USA. In 1990 she joined the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Sofia, where she taught courses in English literature, stylistics, translation, creative writing and on James Joyce. Kalina Filipova was an original and internationally respected Joyce scholar. Her publications have appeared in The James Joyce Quarterly and other journals and she was several times a speaker at the James Joyce Annual Summer School at Trieste and Dublin. She is also the author of the first extensive research on Joyce's reception in Bulgaria.
Kalina Filipova taught courses in Bulgarian language and literature at the University of Leeds, UK, and in literary theory and James Joyce at SUNY, Albany. She was on the Executive Board of the Bulgarian Society for British Studies and an active member of ESSE. Kalina Filipova was also among the best Bulgarian translators of prose and poetry from and into English.
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