Eleanor Rigby (ISBN: 9780007198757)

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Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Литература
Брой страници250

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'A high-spirited, moving study of loneliness and all its opposites' Susie Boyt, Observer Books of the Year

One day in 1997, with the comet Hale Bopp burning bright in the blue-black sky, Liz Dunn receives an urgent phone call asking her to visit a young man in hospital.

Liz has red, curly hair. She has never been married. She is lonely. Her house is like 'a spinster's cell block' and she may or may not snore - there's never been anyone to tell her. Now, all at once, the loneliness that has come to define her is ripped away by a funny, smart, handsome young stranger. His name is Jeremy.
And he is her son.

'Powerful and moving... its surprises linger long in the mind' Independent

'He has passion and pace, intelligence and wit. If you find anything about the way we live now disturbing and wrong, he is your man'
Daily Telegraph
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