Fantasy+ 4: World's Most Imaginative Artworks (2012)

Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Фентъзи, Ужаси
Брой страници192

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Beautifully printed in a specially bound softcover with a spectacular "Beauty and the Beast" cover by Allen Douglas. Published in England, this offer you a wonderfully diverse array of talent from the world over. And the subjects, all tied in together as fantasy, still offer the diverse areas contemporary artists are pushing the boundaries in: from sexy warrior ladies to animation characters, from series fantasy lands and sword-swinging heroes, to whimsical works. And staggeringly wonderful styles and polish, detail and imagination.

Here are Michael C. Hayes, Scott Chou, Shi Boren, Ralph Horsley, Andy Mao, Karen Hsiao, Volkan Baga, Allen Douglas, Night-Eruda, the totally offbeat Brain Despain, Patrick Jones, Eric Joyner... and these are just the artist's whose work particularly grabbed me at first glance. There's much more here, multiple pieces by each of the artists so you see the full range of their work. Chapters examine Fantasy Art in Advertising, Book Illustration, Modeling, Game/Movie/Animation, and a special Personal Portfolio section. If you like Spectrum, you really should check this out. It offers you more by each artist, along with intriguing interviews that no other art annual offers.

Interviews with Eric Deschamps, sculptor David Meng, Bob Eggleton, Nangua Zi, and the team of Antoine Revoy and Kelly Murphy.
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