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Future Systems is an architectural and design practice, who have rocked the architectural world with their daring forms and inventive design philosophy that merges modern ideas with natural shapes and technological innovations from other fields.

After establishing themselves with creative projects and architectural competitions (Second Place at the International Competition of Bibliotheque de France in Paris, 1989) they soon obtained wider recognition with the Lord's Cricket Ground Media Center in 1994. They went on to gain other important commissions from fashion names like Comme des Garc, ons (1998) and Marni (1999). They are celebrated for their new flagship store for Selfridges in Birmingham (which featured on more than fifteen magazine covers upon opening).

This book presents a sophisticated selection of work from the past twenty-five years - some of it previously unpublished. It celebrates the perfected accomplishments for which Future Systems are recognized today, as well as looking at the more recent proposals and concepts that continue their forward-looking philosophy.

Organized according to theme, this innovative format furthermore presents well-known works in a new light, permitting a fresh appreciation of Future Systems' oeuvre today - at their highest point of public acclaim yet.
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