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From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters…

Following up on our Great Escapes Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America titles is this volume concentrating on the most extraordinary and tempting Canadian and American hotels. Ranging from funky and inexpensive to luxuriously elegant and wildly pricy, these hotels, inns, guesthouses, bungalows, ranches, lodges, resorts and even—yes—wigwams and treehouses will surely seduce you.

Highlights include:
* blast from the past: mid-century shiny metal trailers with period interiors in Arizona
* shabby-chic bungalows on Highway 1 in Big Sur, California
* supercool hot springs resort near Los Angeles
* elegant auberge in Napa Valley where you can stay during your wine tasting tour
* cedar cabins and classic raised safari tents in California’s El Capitan Canyon
* historic ranch nestled in a Death Valley oasis
* rustic ski resort in Sundance
* your own luxurious bungalow on a tiny island in the Florida Keys
* regal Italianate villa in rural Massachusetts
* deluxe wigwams in Arizona’s Navajo County
* lakefront sanctuary in New York’s Adirondack Mountains
* historic 1930s hotel in Texas where James Dean once stayed
* cabin treehouse 50 feet above the ground in Washington’s Mount Rainer
* exquisitely-restored country house inn in Connecticut
* Frank Lloyd Wright house on a wooded bluff overlooking Mirror Lake, Wisconsin
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