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Languages - German, French, English

Rooms With A View" presents breathtaking interiors and decor from around the world. This is the first volume of Angelika Taschen's new series on contemporary interiors that features the world's most amazing, exquisite and inventive apartments and houses - from Antwerp to Zurich, via Chiang Mai, Copenhagen, Mumbai, Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, and Shanghai. With an inspirational richness and diversity of styles, no matter your taste, here are homes, residences, hideaways and studios to astound and astonish. From shabby chic to gilded splendor, it's all here - from red tulips in a cheap turquoise vase on a white plastic table, to a rare tomato red Saarinen table in an oak-wainscoted country house. Whatever your preference - flea market romance or space age bachelor pad, minimalism or neo-baroque - you'll find hundreds of fresh and provocative ideas. Highlights include: French Vogue art director and tastemaker Fabien Baron's minimal Swedish countryhouse by John Pawson; a penthouse miniature of Mies van der Rohe's Nationalgalerie atop a war bunker in Berlin, owned by art collector Christian Boros; the Chiang Mai retreat of New York-based Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija; the exquisite Finca of Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi on Mallorca; Roberto Cavalli's Milanese apartment, a perfect reflection of his flamboyant personality; and, a fantasy home created by a Dutch stylist and photographer in Shanghai.
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