Liberating The Poetic Genius: William Blake (1999)

Liberating The Poetic Genius: William Blake (1999)
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William Blake`s work has been studies from such a wide variety of perspectives that it might appear presumptuous to claim that any major aspect of it has been neglected by his commentators in the English-speaking world. What is attempted in the present study is an elucidation of the poet`s early practice and theory from an angle which, although by no means overlooked, has not been used as a vantage point by too many interpreters. For the critical perspective in question Ludmilla Kostova turns to the Age of Sensibility:the time when Blake`s creative habits were formed. It is generally recognised that the literateurs of that time revised a considerable number of the assumptions about literature which they had inherited from their predecessors. The emergence of a subjective aesthetics and of specific type of literary history is considered to be the major result of their revisionary labours. The author`s contention is that there is a vital connection between Blake`s poetic theory and practice and key mid- and late-eighteenth-century literary-historial ideas.
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