Lofts: A Way of Living, A Way of Working (2002)

Lofts: A Way of Living, A Way of Working (2002)
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Ключови думиАрхитектура, Изкуства, Вътрешно обзавеждане
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The lofts in this book provide a good example of just how far the renovation and design of these far-from-typical dwellings has progressed. A compilation of the best lofts found in four trend-setting cities should not, however, be understood as a mere catalog. Quite the opposite, it represents a unique opportunity to get an insight into another way of living. Despite obvious differences, these lofts share common features such as space, natural light, and the importance of quality over quantity. With all their excesses and all their limitations, one can only conclude that there is something more-between intangible and magical-to these spaces that draws certain people to live and work in them.
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