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This eye-catching tome takes us inside the rarefied world of high-end wineries. Spanning a variety of architectural styles, these estates are all distinguished by their luxury. And, with a pace dictated by the seasons, they are restful respites from the world outside. We're privileged to survey a wide array of elegantly appointed living quarters—from sumptuous reception rooms to more informal settings. We get a peek at the vineyards and wine cellars, and each estate features pictures of the wine grower and their individual wine labels. Christian Datz and Christof Kullmann are architects who write for leading German publications such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and deutsche bauzeitung. Their previous books for teNeues include Winery Design and Wine & Design.
  • A chance to explore the astonishing interiors of fine wineries
  • Ideal for all wine lovers and those fascinated by the venerable wine trade
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