Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Step by Step (ISBN: 9780735626041)

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Step by Step (ISBN: 9780735626041)
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Състояние: много добро
Издателство: Microsoft Press, U. S
Град на издаване: Redmond, Washington, USA
Налични бройки: 1
Ширина: 190 мм
Височина: 230 мм
Дебелина: 33 мм
Корици: меки
Ключови думи: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Step by Step, Mike Hotek

Teach yourself SQL Server 2008-one step at a time. Get the practical guidance you need to build database solutions that solve real-world business problems.
Learn to integrate SQL Server data in your applications, write queries, develop reports, and employ powerful business intelligence systems.

Discover how to:
* Install and work with core components and tools
* Create tables and index structures
* Manipulate and retrieve data
* Secure, manage, back up, and recover databases
* Apply tuning plus optimization techniques to generate high-performing database applications
* Optimize availability through clustering, database mirroring, and log shipping
* Tap business intelligence tools-Reporting, Analysis, and Integration Services CD features:
* Practice exercises and code samples
* Fully searchable eBook For customers who purchase an ebook version of this title, instructions for downloading the CD files can be found in the ebook.
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