Modern Furniture - 150 Years of Design (2012)

Ключови думиАрхитектура, Чуждоезична
Брой страници720

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Modern Furniture presents on 720 pages a retrospective of the most important developments and highlights in furniture design of the past 150 years, beginning with the latest trends for 2011. The spotlight focuses on several individual gems of design, from the most contemporary Heaven series of the Italian manufacturer Emu back to the famous cantilever chair, but also on creations such as laminate and chipboard that we no longer regard as design innovations but have nevertheless greatly influenced the home dйcor of our times.
Concise texts accompanying the individually featured designs, as well as excurses on selected themes and styles written by experts, round off this benchmark illustrated book. Martin Wellner and Andrea Mehlhose, alias Fremdkцrper, established the design studio 1996 in Cologne.

Fremdkцrper is active internationally as a design consultancy and designer in the fields of interior design, exhibition design, and graphic design, as well as the corporate identity and corporate design sectors. Following the success of their book ECHT WAHR? Kuriose Meldungen der (dpa), also published by h. f. ullmann in 2007, the authors now reveal their expertise and penchant for furniture design with Modern Furniture.

Comprehensive overview of furniture design over the past 150 years
Clearly structured index of contents
Indepth essays on selected themes
Concise information on every piece of furniture
Discerning excurses on design history written by experts
Highquality illustrations
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