Nedko Solakov: 99 Fears (ISBN: 9780714848884)

Nedko Solakov: 99 Fears (ISBN: 9780714848884)
Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Изкуства

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99 Fears is a catalogue of insecurities created by acclaimed contemporary artist Nedko Solakov. By focusing on personal worries -- from war, AIDS and plane crashes to writer's block, infidelity and the size of one's CV -- 99 Fears depicts the general free-floating anxiety of modern life in hilarious detail. In the artist's inimitable voice, handwritten captions bring the drawings to life with bold strokes of self-deprecating humour. These are the fears of an everyman but also those of an artist who grew up under communism, with all its represssions and privations, only to find a new set of apprehensions waiting for him under capitalism. Nothing, however, can match his dread of the future, with all its shapeless, unspeakable terrors. By plumbing the depths of his anxiety, Solakov emerges with his belief in the human spirit intact and his tongue firmly in cheek. If 99 Fears teaches us anything it is to stop worrying and embrace the only thing we need to be afraid of: fear itself.
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