New Thinking for the New Millennium (2000)

Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Психология
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The last millennium has not been a great success. We have made huge advances in science and technology, but have still been let down by excellent but limited ways of thinking.

The thinking of the last millennium has been concerned with 'what is' - the thinking of analysis, criticism and argument. We need to concentrate on thinking concerned with 'what-can-be'. This is thinking that is creative and constructive and seeks to solve problems and conflicts by designing a way forward. The emphasis is on design, not judgement, a recurrent theme in Edward de Bono's work.

In New Thinking for the New Millennium Edward de Bono offers a road map for the future, pulling together the previous ideas that have made him a world expert on thinking, and including totally new material to show us how and why this new thinking is the only way forward.
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