Now I'm Reading! Level 2 Snack Attack (2007)

Now I'm Reading! Level 2 Snack Attack (2007)
LEARN TO READ WHILE HAVING FUN! Zany illustrations, funny animal stories, and teacher-approved learning methods come together in this collection of 10 story booklets for young readers to enjoy.

Yum, snacks! In this collection of humorous stories with zany illustrations, kids meet a queen bee who wants a sweet treat and a toad who’s lost a roast, among other funny friends! Each of the stories in this Now I’m Reading! Level 2 reader focuses on a specific long vowel sound and uses simple, clear text and a building-block approach to help beginning readers have fun while learning key words. Includes 10 story booklets, 40 incentive stickers, After You Read easy comprehension questions and Skills in This Story sections in each book, and a parent guide to help parents get the most out of each story booklet.

Perfect for ages 4 and up! Level 2 NIR readers focus on long and short vowel
sounds, expanded simple consonant sounds, and beginning sight word reinforcement.
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