Pictoplasma. Characters in Motion (ISBN: 9783981045802)

Pictoplasma. Characters in Motion (ISBN: 9783981045802)
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Book + DVD
Pictoplasma presents a unique DVD/book set, exploring the very best of contemporary character design in animation, music visuals and motion graphics. Following up on the best selling Pictoplasma book series, we have compiled a showcase of over 50 stylistically outstanding studios, animators and designers worldwide. The Pictoplasma - cha¬racters in motion DVD/book set features cutting edge character-driven animation by established studios and designers as well as fresh, upcoming talent. Artists include: Friends With You (USA), Saiman Chow (USA), Lobo (BRA), Studio aka (UK), Passion Pictures (UK), Nathan Jurevicius (AUS), Pleix (FR), Tokyo plastic (UK), Ghostmilk Studios (CAN), Studio Soi (GER) and many, many more. The DVD is divided into 3 chapters: characters in narration, characters in music visuals and characters in motion graphics. The specially designed menu also allows viewers to create their own pro¬gramme, sorting the 180 minutes of animation by artist/studio, character, style or genre. The 96 page, full colour book provides indepth information on the creators, presenting their latest work and grounding the animation on the DVD in the context of a wider character design practice
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