Once upon a time, there was a Kindergarten that had some very unusual books. Nobody could remember where they came from, they were just found one day at the back of the toy cupboard. Each book told a different story about growing up. All the children loved them and wished there could be more Play Pals in the world. They wished so hard that the little books started to appear everywhere! Play Pals are fun board books which every parent will want to buy for their preschool child and which children will not want to put down. Each Play Pal tells a story of how the Pet learns an important lesson about growing up. Big Bear learns that he has to clean his teeth, Daisy Duck learns how important it is to have baths and Cosy Cat learns how being nosy can spoil surprises. Each Play Pal is bound into a plush animal character and comes with a lanyard clip, so that the child can carry their favourite story with them wherever they go.
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