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Richard Rogers is head of an internationally respected architectural practice that is responsible for many landmark buildings around the world and notorious for the quality of its work, as well as its expertise in urban planning. This third volume of the Complete Works looks at the most recent projects by the Richard Rogers Partnership - the period from 1994 to 2005 - and discusses in detail many of the innovative and hi-tech schemes for which the practice has become renowned.

Covering over 48 projects, this book features both the realized and unrealized projects of the last ten years, such as Greenwich Peninsula and the Millennium Dome in London; a school near Kyoto; the transformation of a Barcelona bull-ring into a major entertainment complex; master-plans for Wembley, London, and Florence, Madrid Airport and London Heathrow's Terminal 5; and a new library for Birmingham.

The book is prefaced with an accessible introduction to the office, which brings the story of the acclaimed practice up to date. The second key essay examines the impact of Richard Rogers in the political arena, focusing particularly on his chairmanship of the Urban Task Force and his work as Advisor on Architecture and Urbanism to the mayors of London and Barcelona. The final essay discusses the continuing growth of the practice both, at home and abroad, and the different dimensions of the impact of a new generation of talent rising to the fore.
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