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When it comes to a quick and fuss-free meal, you can't go past a grill, salad or stir-fry featuring your favourite fish. And we're coming to realise that seafood is a super-healthy option too.

Fish dishes can be as simple or as sophisticated as you fancy. Seafood responds well to just about every cooking method, from baking and braising to pan-frying and barbecuing, and marries beautifully with Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavourings, to name but a few. You can use fish and shellfish to eke out and embellish staples such as pasta, rice and other grains. The combinations and the possibilities are endless.

Seafood Bible lets you in on all these secrets, and more: it's packed to the gills with recipes both traditional and thoroughly contemporary, as well as useful information and tips on selecting. storing and preparing the catch of the day.
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