Ключови думиИстория, Роман
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Състояние: много добро
Подзаглавие: Love, death and politics under Vesuvius
Издателство: Arrow Books
Град на издаване: London
Налични бройки: 1
Ширина: 130 мм
Височина: 200 мм
Дебелина: 27 мм
Корици: меки
Ключови думи: линдзи дейвис, исторически романи

‘I was the new bov, so they saddled me with the worst jobs’

Rome, ad 71. While desperate for employment, Marcus Didius Falco secretly disposes of a decayed corpse for the Emperor Vespasian, then heads for the beautiful Bay of Naples with his best friend Petronius. He conveniently forgets to mention that this will be no holiday but a dangerous pursuit:They must find the murderous members of a failed coup, now sunning themselves in luxurious villas and on fancy yachts.

The idyllic seaside location further complicates his seemingly-doomed romance w ith Helena Justina. The deeper he probes, the more he believes Helena is inextricably connected to the elite plotters, in ways the smitten Falco cannot bear to contemplate...


‘A tumultuous Ancient Rome with я delightful modern eye’

‘One of the best of the current writers in this field’
Donna Leon, THE TIMES

‘Surely the best historical detective in the business’


About the Author

Lindsey Davis began writing about the Romans with The Course of Honour, which tells the real-life love story of the Emperor Vespasian and Antonia Caenis. Her bestselling mystery series features laid-back First Century Roman detective Marcus Didius Falco and his partner Helena Justina, plus friends, relations, pets and bitter enemy the Chief Spy. She has also written Rebels and Traitors, a serious novel on an epic scale, set in the English Civil War and Commonwealth. Her books are translated into many languages, recorded for audio and serialised on BBC Radio 4. She has won the CWA Historical Dagger, the Dagger in the Library, and a Sherlock for Falco as Best Detective. She has been Honorary President of the Classical Association and is a past Chair of the Crimewriters’ Association. In 2009 she was awarded the Premio de Honor de Novela Historica by the Spanish City of Zaragoza, for her career as a historical novelist.
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