She Does Remember (ISBN: 9789547999541)

She Does Remember (ISBN: 9789547999541)
The prophecy comes true.

A name is given to a girl to protect her…

… in a frontier community where names are so much worshipped as blessing or feared as curse that mentioning them is rare and usually… too late.

The common wealth of the defeated is stormed into private wealths of the defeating. And she is left with few botches of sky and a handful of peanuts… in a staggering pursuit of happiness away from plundered home lands.

Soon the fairy-tale is over…

But not the memory of her noble and respected clan.

„I found it a very moving experience with its lovely descriptions of childhood and a way of life that seems very far away from us. For me, it was an entry to another, very different world, which had times of great trial and tribulations, as well as of great joy. It was a privilege to read it and please give my warmest congratulations to Mrs. Svobodka Kostadinova on her achievement. Fennell Betson, IPE Founding Editor, London, UK

A novel appeal to the young to walk the road back home… the same road leading them to what they have been deprived of, but always taking them away from what they have been left with. A novel faith that something valuable must be there for everyone to keep against the merciless mould of time… A splendid novel about the painfully dear metaphors of life which she does remember in the mundane monotony of days… a novel that all of us remember.


Svobodka Kostadinova, Bulgarian writer, www. SheDoesRemember. eu

guest-writer of IPE magazine, London, UK (2011 and 2012)

author of the European Social Security Administration idea and the Global Pension Services System idea submitted for a EU-wide discussion to the European Commission and the European Council

member of the creative crew of FRENZI film (2010)
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