South Slav dialogues in modernism (2008)

Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Изкуства
Брой страници368

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The present book is a significant contribution to the development of comparative art history in Bulgaria. It is the first and unique so far survey by a Bulgarian scholar of South Slav artistic contacts and interrelations in the early twentieth century. The history of the Lada Union of South Slav Artists, largely unknown to us, is reconstructed on the basis of extensive documentary material. Analyzed in depth and continuously juxtaposed to analogous developments in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia are the processes of penetration, reception and formation of Modernism in Bulgaria. Especially noteworthy is the author`s endeavour to situate these processes in the broader context of European art. What`s more, the attempt to discuss them against the backdrop of ideological controversies and conflicting currents has led her to certain revealing, indeed unexpected insights. This is further proof of the scientific value of an original and illuminating approach to the theme, freed from all Balkan complexes. Studies of this kind become all the more relevant at a time of changing social and cultural settings and in view of this country`s efforts to adapt to the standards of its new European home. Today, the revival of the idea of a South Slav cultural dialogue militates against outdated social and political myths, and fosters, in the era of globalization, a tradition of cultural unity in the Balkans based on the principles of equality and mutual respect. The book of Milena Georgieva tells about this forgotten tradition and about a memorable attempt to cultivate constructive relations between the intellectual and artistic elites of South Slavic nations.

Настоящата книга представлява значим принос в развитието на сравнителната история на изкуството в България. Тя е първо и уникално до момента изследване на български учен, посветено на артистичните контакти на южните славяни и на взаимоотношенията им в началото на 20-ти век. Книгата на Милена Георгиева проследява тази позабравена традиция и оставилия следа в културната история опит да бъдат развити връзките между интелектуалния и артистичния елит на южнославянските народи. Изданието е изцяло на английски език.
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