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The first and only book of its kind, Streetwear is the definitive street fashion bible – a guide to clothes created or inspired by urban living, by the key designers around the globe.

Hundreds of streetwear designs and photographs provide an encyclopaedic overview of the world of streetwear, and the book offers a unique insider’s view of this highly creative field.

Writer and curator Steven Vogel uses incisive interviews to look at over forty leading street fashion brands, examining what motivates and inspires the designers and entrepreneurs behind the meteoric rise of street fashion from urban underground to the commercial realm.

Find out:
How the creative director of Burton first became involved in streetwear
What inspires the seminal designer and streetwear guru Hiroshi Fujiwara
What multinational goliath Stu"ssy, the streetwear legend, has planned for the future of street fashion
How to get in-depth access to leading magazines, web publishers and creative agencies

Streetwear focuses on streetwear design, and streetwear media – magazines and website publishers. Illustrated with designs, product sketches, graphics and photographs, and complete with a full and detailed reference section, this book will be seized on by all street enthusiasts, from fashion and advertising professionals to the millions who love buying and wearing streetwear.
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