Ключови думиЧуждоезична, История
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This is the first truly global survey of ancient warfare, discussing major battles and wars not only from ancient Egypt, the Near East, Greece and Rome, but also from Central Asia, India, China, Korea, Japan and the Americas. This book ranges in time from c. 8,000 BC to the armies of the Aztecs and Incas half a millennium ago, and includes Alexander the Greats triumphant campaigns against Persia, Hannibals conflict with Rome, Caesars GallicWars, the Han Chinese defeat of the nomadic Xiongnu horsemen, and the Inca ruler Atahualpas last stand against Pizarro. Written with total authority by leading international scholars, and richly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, drawings and specially commissoned 3-D battle reconstructions, maps and plans, this book will appeal to a wide audience, but specifically to those with an interest in archaeology, ancient history and military history.
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