The Bartender's Standard Manual (2000)

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Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Гастрономия, Хоби, Напитки, Направи сам, Спорт, Здраве, Здраве
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The Bartender's Standard Manual has more than 700 standard, concise recipes for mixed drinks, arranged alphabetically and printed in easily readable type, to facilitate use on the job—especially when working under dim lighting. Imagine having to rely on your own memory for all these drinks! You don't have to—with these quick-reference recipes you'll be able to fill any order without hesitation.
This compilation represents a great step forward in standardizing the quality of mixed drinks and there is even a special section containing more than fifty recipes for punches and nogs, as well as two charts listing all the standard measures and standard glassware.
A sampling of the odd highballs and other uncommon drinks you'll find in this book include Welcome Stranger, Chrysanthemum, Pousse Cafe, One Exciting Night, None but the Brave, Balaklava Nectar, and Have a Heart.
The Bartender's Standard Manual is an ideal companion behind the bar and an invaluable guide for quick reference.
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