The Big Book of Drawing (ISBN: 9783848002498)

Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Изкуства
Брой страници408

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If you want to solidly get into drawing, you could not encounter anybody better than Andrбs Szunyoghy. His decades of experience as an artist and tutor predestine him for the creation of a basic rulebook for the learning of this old art. In a similarly playful and systematic manner, he succeeds in instructing in the big fields of drawing in four legs. The lessons contain step-by-step instructions in picture and text as well as innumerable examples. The reader follows Szunyoghy’s thought process intuitively and casually learns to judge his development status. Practice techniques for watching and drawing. Useful tools such as the Dьrer-grid and a grey scale complete the work.

The graphic artist and painter Andrбs Szunyoghy (born 1946) learnt his craft with Jeno Barcsay, the Old Master of the artistic anatomy, and studied anatomy of animals for four years at the Budapest Academy for Veterinary Sciences. Several exhibitions of his graphical work made him well known beyond borders. Today, Andrбs Szunyoghy is a professor for artistic anatomy at the University for Applied Art, Budapest, and his creative power is unbowed. Ullmann Publishing released his Anatomic Drawing School and Human Anatomy for Artists.

Over 1000 illustrations of the Hungarian master Andrбs Szunyoghy
A didactically set up textbook
Step-by-step procedure in illustration and explanation
All big topics of drawing from perspective via portrait and landscapes to man and animal in repose and motion
With a high quality Dьrer grid to practice perspective
With a grey scale to practice depth and hatching
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