The Danube Riverside/ Bulgaria Guides (2011)

The Danube Riverside/ Bulgaria Guides (2011)
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You have in hands the „The Danube RiversideGuide. We have presented the settlements, nature landmarks, historical and cultural eights along the Bulgarian bank of the Danube, with the active assistance of the Danube municipalities. Included are also texts and illustrations referring to settlements and various remarkable sites that are not immediately by the Danube, but are worth visiting and add to the complete picture of our country\'s natural riches and historical and cultural heritage.

Alike in the other guides included in the Books about Bulgaria series, here you will find useful information, interesting stories about events, sights and people related to this part of Bulgaria. The guide contains short historical notes about the settlements and their vicinities, and cultural calendar of the region. Special place occupy the recipes of typical local dishes. Users are facilitated by the detailed maps, index of settlements and sights, and list of useful telephone numbers, etc.

We are sure that a lot more can be said about the settlements and the landmarks at the Danube riverside and that the texts here do not exhaust the information thereof, so we would be grateful to any suggestions, remarks, and opinion about omissions and inconsistencies that would be taken into account in a future edition.

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