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Every picture tells a story’ – but for many of us the subjects and themes of the great paintings of Western art are something of a mystery. What is the Judgment of Paris? Why does St Catherine have a wheel by her side, and St Jerome a lion? Who was crucified upside down?Written in a lively and engaging style, The Gallery Companion includes a Classical section, detailing the characters from the myths and histories of ancient Greece and Rome, and a Biblical and Religious section, describing the figures from the Old and New Testaments as well as later saints. The text supplies the background to the character, lists the most famous paintings that depict him or her, and details the events shown. Other facts, such as why that particular subject was in vogue, are also included, as well as variations and discrepancies between treatments of the same subject matter. The Gallery Companion is a beautifully illustrated guide to over 150 characters commonly represented in the art of the last 600 years. It will be indispensable to all those seeking to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of Western art. ‘For anyone just beginning to be interested in painting, from the school-child to the retired, it will be extremely helpful’ Country Life ‘An invaluable guide to getting more than beauty from the galleries’ walls’ Antiques Magazine
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Данните и цените за продуктите предлагани от нашите партньори служат за напътствие и обща информация. Моля, преди покупка проверете дали съответстват на публикуваните данни от сайта на магазина или производителя. За евентуалните неточности и грешки не носим отговорност.