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Състояние: много добро
Издателство: Harper
Град на издаване: London
Налични бройки: 1
Ширина: 130 мм
Височина: 195 мм
Дебелина: 33 мм
Корици: меки
Ключови думи: книги на английски език, съвременни романи

‘Spellbinding... a delight from start to finish’

Newlywed Nerys Watkins leaves rural Wales to accompany her husband on a missionary posting to India. High up in the heart of Kashmir she discovers the lakeside city of Srinagar, where the British live on carved wooden houseboats and dance, flirt and gossip as if there is no war.

But life becomes less frivolous when the men are sent away to fight. Nerys is caught up in a dangerous friendship, and by the time she is reunited with her husband the innocent Welsh-bride has become a different woman.

Years later, when Mair Ellis clears out her father s house, she finds an exquisite antique shawl and a lock of a child’s hair. Tracing her grandparents back to Kashmir, Mair embarks on a quest that will change her life for ever.

'A superbly researched and vivid evocation of wartime Kashmir and Ladakh'

‘Superbly written, marvellously descriptive and especially evocative of the war years ... a gorgeous treat’


Rosie Thomas is the author of a number of celebrated novels, including the bestsellers Iris and Ruby, Constance and Lovers and Newcomers. A keen traveller, she has climbed in the Alps and the Himalayas, competed in the Peking to Paris car rally, trekked in the footsteps of Shackleton in South Georgia, and travelled in Ladakh and Kashmir to research this novel. She lives in London.
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