The New Complete Guitarist (ISBN: 9781405301893)

The New Complete Guitarist (ISBN: 9781405301893)
Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Музика

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This new edition of Richard Chapman's million-selling classic takes you from the simplest chords and tunes to more complex techniques and advanced improvisation. Whether you're a fan of rock, pop, jazz, blues, classical, folk, country or flamenco, this practical book uses a uniques visual approach to help you master notes, fingering, rhythm sequences, amplification and more.

New features include:
* Extended information for beginners, from clear chord diagrams and basic sequences to song structures, melodies and riffs
* Popular, easy-to-play tunes to show you how chords fit together and advanced chordal jazz arrangements
* An updated section on digital recording, plus profiles of the latest electric guitars
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