The Official Illustrated History of Manchester United (2008)

Ключови думиБиографии, Чуждоезична

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The history of Manchester United is one of the most incredible sporting stories. In 1878, the club's forerunner, Newton Heath, was founded by the dining room committee of the carriage and waggon works of a local railway company. Now, 130 years later, it is the world's favourite football team with a fanbase of 139 million. This fascinating account shows how United got from there to here, taking in bankruptcy in 1902, a golden Edwardian era, inter-war depression, the Busby era (including the Munich Air Disaster of 1958 and the European Cup win of 1968), and all the way through to their current success under Sir Alex Ferguson that has brought the club nine League titles and a unique Treble in 1999 when United won the League, FA Cup and Champions League. The 2007-08 campaign was one of the most dramatic in the club's history, climaxing with the Champions League final in Moscow. The story features interviews with many of the players who had a key influence in events, and is packed with superb photographs and surprising facts to ensure that this is one book no fan can be without.
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