The Plan N 43 (ISBN: 9771720655009)

The Plan N 43 (ISBN: 9771720655009)
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Ключови думиАрхитектура, Изкуства, Вътрешно обзавеждане

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THE PLAN - Architecture & Technologies in Detail, founded in 2001, is published by Centauro Edizioni, Bologna (Italy). Today with an overall circulation of about 38,000 copies world wide (over 21,000 in Italy and 17,000 abroad) and 8 issues released every year (6 regular and 2 special issues), THE PLAN is one of the most acclaimed architecture and design reviews on the market. Thanks to its strongly international approach, is infact among the most widely distributed and read magazines in Italy and worldwide, with an important readership of professionals from the sectors of architecture, design, building and real estate as well as universities faculties.
With subscribers in some 70 countries and distribution in newsstands, airports, railway stations, shopping malls,
bookstores, in more than 41 countries, our publication is a real working tool not just a magazine to leaf through.
Our editorial strategy right from the start has been to present architecture projects as information and learning
tools, highly profitable for the professionals who read them.
Texts are in English and Italian while the construction details are in English, Italian, German and Spanish. All
photographs, drawings and graphic details follow the same format, ensuring ease of reading and reference.
THE PLAN's editorial approach is to provide in-depth understanding of the architectures reviewed. Content
quality is a major prerequisite. Each project is prepared with the utmost attention, from the construction details
through to images and graphic design. Special focus is given to the link between project design and realisation,
i. e. to the way architects, designers and construction companies have worked together. Each issue of
the THE PLAN contains architecture, editorials, projects, technology and significant space is dedicated to
architectural materials produced by the industry. As of 2010 we have launched the new portal of THE PLAN,
containing our full historical archive and a theme-by-theme internal search-engine.
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