The Rolling Stones Revealed (2007)

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As "The Worlds's Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band", The Rolling Stones have long established themselves as Living Legends since they formed in 1962.
The Rolling Stones Revealed takes the ling view of their extraordinary - and ongoing - career through 150 photographs of the highs, lows and in-betweens. It highlights landmarks, such as concert tours, single and album releases and line-up changes, as well as touching on the band members' Bust-Ups(both with each other and with the establishment), private lives, disappointments and critical moments that have been part of The Rolling Stones' existence for more than for decades.
From the early gigs to the mega-concerts played in front of 25 million fans, drugs scandals to knighthoods, and tabloid fodder to The Simpsons, this is a unique look at one of the world's Most Popular bands.
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