The Scandinavian Home (ISBN: 9780500515440)

The Scandinavian Home (ISBN: 9780500515440)
Ключови думиАрхитектура, Чуждоезична

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The hallmarks of Scandinavian design – clean, elegant lines; delicate colour schemes; well-proportioned, airy spaces that maximize daylight; and a pronounced preference for natural materials – make it one of the predominant influences in interior design today.

This is the first book devoted to the signature design features – past and present – of all four Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

300 colour photographs cover every aspect of the Scandinavian aesthetic – from modern kitchens with old-fashioned hearths to the latest in saunas, from light-maximizing walls of glass to folk-art-painted walls, from inviting front porches to cosy attic bedrooms.

The authors offer expert guidance and practical advice on achieving a Scandinavian look, on incorporating Scandinavian elements into any de'cor, and on mixing and matching traditional and modern, humble and grand.

Individual sections provide indepth information about classic and innovative Scandinavian designs and an international source list completes this essential addition to the shelves of anyone who has ever admired the subtle palette of a Gustavian room or enjoyed sitting in an Arne Jacobsen chair.
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