The Studio Photographer's Lighting Bible (2007)

The Studio Photographer's Lighting Bible (2007)
Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Фотография
Брой страници256

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Lighting is a fundamental concern for the studio photographer, and a solid understanding of the basics of lighting is necessary to developing the photographer's skills. "The Studio Photographer's Bible" explores lighting through the working relationships of the studio photographer, and the skills and techniques used for lighting in other disciplines. It covers commercial, practical, technical and creative issues, identifying how studio photographers can work successfully with other professionals. It also contains interviews with lighting specialists from other disciplines, such as theatre, film, concerts and galleries, as well as with key workers in related fields, such as stylists, photographer's assistants, make-up artists and picture editors. This provides the photographer with the understanding required to work as part of a larger team. The book is packed with case studies containing showcase images and lighting set-up diagrams, providing solid practical knowledge and successful working methods. All of this ensures that the book will be received as a comprehensive and essential guide to this hugely important area.
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