The Twilight Reign. Book 1: The Stormcaller (ISBN: 9780575079267)

The Twilight Reign. Book 1: The Stormcaller (ISBN: 9780575079267)
Ключови думиФентъзи
Брой страници502

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Състояние: много добро
Издателство: Gollancz
Град на издаване: London
Налични бройки: 1
Ширина: 130 мм
Височина: 200 мм
Дебелина: 31 мм
Ключови думи: книги на английски език, фентъзи

Isak is a white-еyе, born bigger, more charismatic and more powerful than normal men... but with that power comes an unpredictable temper and an inner rage. Feared and despised by those around him. he dreams of a place in the army and a chance to live his own life, but the Gods have other plans for the intemperate teenager. Isak has been Chosen as heir-elect to the brooding Lord Bahl. the white-eye Lord of the Farlan.

The white-eyes were created to bring order out of chaos, for their magnetic charm and formidable strength makes them natural leaders of men. Lord Bahl is typical of the breed: he inspires and oppresses those around him in equal measure. He’s a difficult mentor for a boy every bit as volatile as he is.

This is a time for revenge, and for the forging of empires. With mounting envy and malice, the men who would themselves be kings watch Isak as he is shaped and moulded to fulfil the prophecies that circle him like scavenger birds. The Gods are once again beginning to meddle in the affairs of men.

This first novel has good ideas and a suitably flawed hero. The world is beautifully realised, the battles suitably grim and the dragon, when it appears, is magnificent' GUARDIAN

Fantasy with a magnificence of conception, a sense of looming presences whose purposes are not ours to apprehend’

Gallops along with scarcely a dull moment'

Lloyd creates a vivi^f world ... he echoes writers such as Moorcock and Gemmell’
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