The Waves (ISBN: 9780141182711)

The Waves (ISBN: 9780141182711)
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АвторVirginia Woolf
Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Литература
Брой страници242

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A formally innovative work of modernist fiction, Virginia Woolf's "The Waves" is edited with an introduction by Kate Flint in "Penguin Modern Classics". More than any of Virginia Woolf's other novels, "The Waves" conveys the full complexity and richness of human experience. Tracing the lives of a group of friends, "The Waves" follows their development from childhood to youth and middle age.

While social events, individual achievements and disappointments form its narrative, the novel is most remarkable for the rich poetic language that expresses the inner life of its characters: their aspirations, their triumphs and regrets, their awareness of unity and isolation. Separately and together, they query the relationship of past to present, and the meaning of life itself.
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